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Top 7 Reasons Why #HaiderAlagHai

Haider is a cinematic genius and despite many not agreeing to it, it shall remain the same. AFSPA or no AFSPA, the film tackled to humane audience and gave away a pivotal message with the view to strengthen humanity. It started a trend and introduced India to the word Chutzpah. All that Vishal Bhardwaj had to do is swipe his palm to refurnish a masterpiece and recreate a magnum opus. For those who haven’t yet seen the film yet must know that it is visually appealing, emotionally captivating yet anaesthetizing with its brutal reality. Add to that the music and the shooting locations of the film. All-in-all, #HaiderAlagHai…

1) Shahid Kapoor may have bulked up his looks for other films, but he bulks up his adeptness as an actor with this film. #HaiderAlagHai
2) Many films have been shot in Kashmir. None have been able to capture the soul of The Valley as beautifully as this one. #HaiderAlagHai
3) The film is devoid of the quintessential elements of Hindi cinema. #HaiderAlagHai
4) It is visually charismatic. It is emotionally poignant. It is thrilling. Yet it is mind numbing. #HaiderAlagHai
5) There may have been many Shakespearean tragedies you have seen but none have been ably convincing that humanity is the supreme religion. But Haider does that. #HaiderAlagHai
6) You have never seen a brilliant mix of cinema and theatricality. Haider boasts of that. #HaiderAlagHai
7) It’s been years since Urdu has been put to an exceptional use. In this film Urdu beats the monotony of the regular effervescent dialogues heard in Hindi cinema and makes even vengeance sound lyrical, “Inteqaam.” #HaiderAlagHai